Is this HSH 5-way wiring possible?


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Hey all,

I'm planning my next Warmoth build, and would like a H-S-H config. With a 5-way selector, is the following wiring possible without using push-pull pots?

Position 1: Bridge humbucker
Position 2: Middle single coil with Bridge humbucker split to inner coil
Position 3: Middle single coil (which will be RWRP)
Position 4: Middle single coil with Neck humbucker split to inner coil
Position 5: Neck humbucker

Also - when pairing a single coil with a split humbucker (at either bridge or neck), is it more common to split to the inner or outer coil of the humbucker?

Thanks alot guys
1. Yes.
2. You want to split the coil that will be rwrp with the middle - first link, second page has the info you need.
Is the super switch the only way to achieve that wiring, or is it possible on a regular 5-way?
with a regular 5 way? no. you need at least a superswitch or a double row 5way blade
That's actually a pretty common configuration for an H-S-H style guitar.  My Ibanez Jem was wired from the factory like that.

As stated before of course, you need a super switch.  But beyond that, piece o' cake. 

Also, unless I'm mistaken, I believe you need just a normal middle single coil PU, not the RWRP.  The inner coils on the humbucker are reveresed, so by putting a RWRP single coil you cause the noise, which the RWRP is menat to eliminate.  It's fine with a S-S-S guitar, but not with the H-S-H.  (I have two H-S-H's I wired myself, and both have regular PU in the middle)

Taez, RWRP is only meaningful relative to another pickup - reverse wound compared to the neck pickup screw coil for instance. So to make sure you get hum cancelling, you need to know the direction of the wind and the polarity of each coil of each pickup in the system.
And I believe this diagram explains how it can be done with a standard 5-way - although I'd go for the super switch so that you can try different combos later if you want to.
hey dude, that is a standard  wiring setup job.  All you need is a standard 5-way strat switch.  the ONLY difference from a regular S-S-S layout is that you wire the humbucker taps to the 2nd side (pole).  here is the exact thing you are looking for.
  If you have any problems, there are Plenty of guys on the SD forum to help you out.

Good luck!!!

BTW Seymour duncan has just about every diagram you would need except custom super switch jobs. and their jimmy page
setup is flawed. you can also take a little from each diagram for something original.