Is this a genuine Warmoth?


A guy is offering me a Warmoth Wolfgang as a trade for 3 of my pedals. My main concern is that there are no Warmoth stamps in the neck pocket on the body, or on the neck itself. He claims he bought all the parts from Warmoth several years ago, and that they are all genuine. I'm a bit skeptical, so here's a pic. :eek: :eek:
warmoth calls that the vw and is no longer available do to ernie ball and copyright laws. it is not a copy of a wolfgang, it is a copy of the axis, the wolfgang is more twisted looking and the upper horn is less round. if he bought it from warmoth why not tell you it is a VW. the bottom line is no turtle, not a warmoth. it doesn't appear the the neck pocket or neck needed any modification in any way so the logo's should be there.

maybe he wants to pass it off as a warmoth because they stopped making them and thinks it will get him more money. so unless he can come up with a receipt or packing invoice i wouldn't believe it.
now on the other hand what are the pedals worth? is it a good guitar? have you played it? any buzzing?, dead frets?, does it hold tune?, noisy electronics?, how does it sound? if you want the guitar to play and it is a good guitar does it matter who made it?
if you want to get it and turn a profit there are suckers out there, obviously this guy hopes you're one of 'em. but it will be alot easier to sell as a warmoth if it has the proper logo's in the proper places.
just look at the heel of the neck. you see that there is another trussrod adjustment system, a system warmoth does not use. for me its settled: its not a warmoth.