Is sanding a raw neck required?

I’ve three unfinished necks … wenge, goncalo and rosewood. Never bothered to sand burnish or whatever … just played them. They were / are fine as is. Did George Harrison burnish his rosewood tele? If you have the time sure go for it. But necessary … nah. I guess I’m in the minority here,
I agree, but I’ve never experienced a super fast neck that is raved about and it’s something I want to experience. Mine is definitely better than any other neck I own as is, but that’s mostly because the size and shape are perfect for my hands. If I hate a burnished neck, I can return to near factory with some 220 grit, so it seems like minimal downside to try.

I think George Harrison experimented plenty in other ways, both with his equipment and otherwise. I don’t think I’ll sand the finish off my Casino nor do I have the time to practice transcendental meditation in India, but sanding the back of my warmoth neck seems reasonable. If I thought doing the rest would help me create a masterpiece like Sgt. Peppers of the White album I’d reconsider, but I probably should just spend more time with the front side of the neck.

Also, I don’t actually own a Casino, but I have almost bought one many times. They are just so expensive now!
I recently completed the burnishing process. My overall opinion is that it isn’t that difficult, the neck is significantly smoother and faster, but I’m not sure if that matters much to me. Time will tell. If I gravitate more to this neck, I might burnish my others, but I think it matters more to some people over others and that might be due to playing style. I don’t know.

Sanding canary wood attracts bees!

Canary neck, fatback, king wood board on a tele.


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Ooooh I recently purchased an canary neck too. Curious to see responses.

Also, would love to see a pic of yours if you don't mind... I was thinking about kingwood but went with ziricote.


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