Is it possible to use 2 different wireless systems in one band?


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I'm wondering if it's possible (or reasonable) to use 2 different wireless systems in one band, for example Shure for the bass, wich is rack mounted and for example Samson or X2 for the guitar wich you can put on a pedal board if you don't use a rack with you guitar amp. I don't want an antenna I can ruin sticking out from my pedalboard!
There is no problem in using as many wireless systems as you can cram onstage, as long as they do not use the same frequencies.  I think of it like trying to manage people flying remote control planes.  I have seen some of the new wireless systems using the same bands but sending the information in different manners that the receivers can decipher.  Unfortunately, those systems were not used for transmitting audio signals.  But, back to the original question, as long as the frequency is different it should work fine.  Also, it is really easy to test.  Just see if you can hear two signals coming out of one amp, or a lot of interference.  If not you are good to go.
Patrick from Davis

I don't have a wireless system, and I agree with all that patrick has posted,

But you would think for the 450-500 bucks that those things sell for, they would have a few different channels to select for just such an application.
My wireless system is called a Nady UHF 24 ( i think )
its pretty cool because its got 2 wireless receivers in one housing.  so i've actually got 2 transmitters for 2 different guitars that transmit to the same wireless thing and it has 2 separate outputs for each signal.  one of these might be a good investment... who knows?