Installing a six point trem help wanted pls.


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Okay, 've filled the holes on my two point tremolo and am ready to install a 6 point Wlkinson VSVG100 tremolo.
Is there any critical measures thatr need to be taken , cause if so I would be better off haveing a luthier do it, cause im a amateur.
As far as ii know, its only as matter of putting on strings, lining it up, marking the holes and moveing the trem block slighlty back for where it contacts the body?
Or an i move it further back to where the block is in the dead center of the route for a full floating action? Thanks gourds.
You do have some room for play.  Its not the mounting holes that are as important as the saddle location.  They need to be at the scale length of the guitar plus a little for compensation.
Scroll down about 1/3 of the way to "Locating the bridge"