Ideas on Finishing a Padouk top?

Vol. Knob

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I'm selling stuff on ebay to fund my first build.  And a guitar went for a hundered more than I expected.  So I'm doing good.  Chomping at the bit for all the funds to worm through Paypal and into my hands... I'm gonna shoot way past my initial budget, so I'm gonna be able to afford a few nicer things for the guitar.

Okay.. So I've been eyballing this Padouk top

Carved top LPS.  The pickups I have a are made from Cocobolo, so the reddish brown of the cocobolo would look nice on Padouk.

Any recomendations on finishing Padouk?  I figure a few good wipe downs with Tung oil would work.  Does anyone have any experience with Padouk?
As I read more about Padouk at the Warmoth page and other online resources, it doesnt need one, So I might just tung oil the back and let the front oxidize until i've decided it browned enough.