I think I need counseling...


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I've got three builds running, all in various states..a 12-string, Bass and Baritone (Bass VI, actually). Got 2 of the necks, 2 bodies currently in construction, pickups and harware all over the house. Parcels coming every week. I already have a couple of off-the-shelf guitars and Bass sitting in the music room.

But....I keep going back to check out m4rk0's VIP and jackthehack's Spalted maple Strat...I just know I have to have a VIP with Cream binding spaltedmaple lam top and a clear finish.  I will not be at Peace until I have one.  Must. Have.

What am I going to tell the g/f?  I told her after the one's I was currently building that was it...and you can only buy a girl so much Tiffany jewellry before she gets suspicious!

I need help.... :help:
If you've got that many builds going at once and you're buying Tiffany jewelry for the girlfriend, I don't want to hear any complaining. :sad:
Lol..I can't really afford either.

I had a small window to get these builds done, so had to do them concurrently. But now I want just one more..
My project for the past two years has been a rear-routed, Black Korina, red dyed, double-bound-in-black Esquire, but I keep getting sidetracked by some evil, seductive temptress that shows up in the showcase. I admit it, I'm just a sucker for a pretty body.
Ya see PitchShifter................You don't need counselling, you just need a bigger window :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

BTW this forum would have to be the WORST place on Earth to seek guidance on curbing your addiction, we're all nuts on the same fumes. :doh: :doh: :doh:
But if I build one out of Warmoth parts it is cheaper than if I bought one from a custom shop.  So really, I am saving money...

This place makes me feel better, because most here have it much worse than I do. I only have 2 more guitars in planning and I'm spacing them out for '09 and '10. I'll probably want another one by then, but I'm keeping it under control. Really I am. I mean it. ;)