I make a motion

Bill in SC

Senior Member
I make a motion for all forumees with 75 posts or more to get a 20% discount on their nex Warmoth purchase!!  :)

Nyuk Nyuk!!

BB in SC
this'll be around my 650th post, so how much of a discount can i have?

how about this neck and we call it even?
OK you can have it. :)  Yeah I know, meaningless post, but I like to keep something stirring at all times.  :)  Now back to meaningful. OK Schmoopy, go ahead and pick a body to go with the neck. Gregg's # is BR-549-266-2301  :-0
BB in SC
I think it would be way cool if once a year they had a buy one get one free, or some kind of big discount sale, open to all of course, but we would have a heads up maybe as to when it would be.

It's not gonna make me wait for the sale, but when it did happen, I would be all over it, buying a body or neck that I otherwise would not