I love Charvel and what they have done for the industry. I really want to make my own with one of their necks?


The new Charvels made out of the Player series factory are awesome. That speed neck 42mm nut 12-16" radius is just perfect for playing some open chords then moving up the neck fast. Jaksons have it too. And that level they have the rolled finger board. I plan to build an HSS borderline Metal to a rock blues tone of about 5.7k in the neck pup.

Has to have a Floyd Rose 2 way pocket routed.

So, easy enough to get a neck off stratosphere, but to make the project worthwhile I need a cheap body that I do the work too. Now outside Warmoth, who could provide the right pocket? Will probably get the loaded pickguard from Stratosphere too and use the genuine HSS setup.

I hope it works out.
Oh really? That is a massive help. Thing is, they arent cheap. Was hoping to do the work myself. Is also hard being in a small country getting stuff shipped.
Yeah. I agree with that if you are going with interesting woods. I built out a wenge/ ebony neck with no inlays and it was over 500, but that's pretty much the cost for an American Fender neck. Warmoth and Musikraft have top notch craftsmanship and I Would not hesitate to build a neck from them after you find out what parametres work best for you. I am still waiting for Musikraft and Warmoth to introduce a 20" straight radius. I don't think it'll ever happen.
If you have or buy a Charvel neck then its a pretty simple operation to make the pocket wide enough on a warmoth body. I have done close to a dozen of these.

If you want options that are hard to buy on a standard Charvel neck then Musikraft or maybe Parklane guitars is about the only place I know of that make 2-1/4" heel necks.