I got more tele questions.......


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I want to get a thinline tele with out the F-hole because I like the pickguard setup on the thinlines.  Warmoth said this can be done but I'm not sure if I should get the hollowed out body our not.  I'm afraid I might get a muddy sound with the hollow body with out the Fhole.  Does anyone have any experience with this? Also how much lighter will the body be because I certainly don't want a neck heavy guitar.

And apart from the look is there a difference between a Hollow body replacement tele, and a thinline?


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You have have a few options -

Thinline with F/hole
Thinline without F/hole
Hollow tele

The hollow is not really "hollow", but extremely weight relieved. 

Pictures are on the Warmoth pages

I've got a thinline with no F/hole, running a goncalo neck, and 52ri Fender pickups.  Its not muddy in the least, and very musical in fact.  Toneful~