hummnig bucker


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???  ok so i just finished all the wiring in my build and when i was doing my little pre-setup test i noticed that the bridge HB hums....ironically i have the SSH setup.  i've got two hum-cancelling strat sized pickups in the neck and mid and they're dead quiet unless i turn the gain beyond all reasonable levels.  i wired a ground to the trem claw and to the body along with the jack.....what did i miss? :icon_scratch:

like i said before i haven't put strings on it yet or even screwed the tuners in so i don't know if it'll be drowned out by the sound of the strings or if the strings will magically get rid of it.  i've got a wilkinson vs400 trem which i believe has a stainless steel block so should i try a connection on that too???

when you touch the strings/hardware you become part of the ground loop.
try it again while touching the trem,rule out the simple things might then be time to look at screening.
yeah i tried touching the trem, jack, and even the pots but it still hummed.  i put strings on it and played for a bit just to get it outta my system and when i was playing i didn't notice the hum anymore....even with the gain up and me just muting the strings so i guess that's ok, but with the tone, sustain and feel of this guitar i don't want ANYTHING on my mind while playing except the music.....
Keep working on it. You always learn a lot in a good hum hunt and you'll find it eventually. 
it's the dimarzio Mo Joe and it's a 4 conductor.  now that i've got it all together with the strings on and all i odn't get hum from it, but i still want to figure what caused it int the first place.  i'm aiming for perfection in my next wiring job so i don't wanna leave nothing to chance.