humbucker wiring question


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okay, this is a bit confusing but I'll do my best to describe my problem.  I've got a B.C. Rich I rewired a couple years ago that turned out magnificent.  I now have  a guitar from one of my dads friends.  It's a pretty nice guitar, won't go into any detail, but it's been modified....poorly.  I've got 4 pots to work with and 3 on-on-on switches to work with.  I was thinking of a volume and tone for each pickup to use up the pots.  For the switches I was thinking a coil split for each humbucker and a pickup selector.  I wanted to wire the coil splits so that in the up position only the north coil would be active, in the middle position the two coils would be in series, and in the down position only the south coil would be active.  The volume, tone, and pickup selector I have figured out.  I have an associates degree in electronics engineering so I'm no slouch when it comes to this stuff but i can't figure out how to get the coil split wired up for the life of me.  Can any body atleast lead me in the right direction please.


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I am certainly no wiring expert as I am still working on my second build myself.  However, this link has a diagram for about every imaginable option. 
Hope it helps!