Humbucker mounting rings.


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can humbucker mounting rings be used on a strat pickguard with HH routing?
i'd like to put chrome ones around a matte black colored pickups (like EMGs)

is there any reason i couldnt put the rings on a pickguard? will it make the pickups sit to0 high with the pickguard?  :icon_scratch:

thanks for the assistance.


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If you mean those thin ones, it'd be fine. It'll be wobbly unless you actually screw them down though.
Dafe Murray (Iron Maiden) did that to his 1957 Strat he bought posthumously off of Free's Paul Kossof.  I would say that it hurt the value, but because of it's two previous owners, it's worth as much or more than anyother '57 Strat.  Anywho, it does work but with the standard three-knob Strat layout, the bridge humbucker ring has a partially knocked out half-circle due to the closeness to the knob.


Keegan said:
If you mean those thin ones, it'd be fine. It'll be wobbly unless you actually screw them down though.

From what I have seen the mounting rings can screw into the pickguard, but will also screw into the body below.

That means you will not be able to lift up the pickguard (complete with pickups, pots and switch) until you have removed the screws from the mounting rings. You could, of course, try to rout out an area larger than the usual humbucker rout, so that the mounting ring screws have nothing else to screw into except the pickguard. Wanna check your measurements though.


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Some Fender style guitar have the strings so low over the pickguard that that the neck rings don't fit at all, or get in the way of playing. You can sand them down, though.

You could also route through the pickguard and sit the rings on the wood.

in most cases it will just work, though. And you don't even have to fix the rings in place as they can be held on the pickguard with the pickup's screws and springs. It'll be triple wobbly, though. Being wobbly is part of the Strat sound, but humbuckers sound generally sit tight.