How will it sound?


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I've been mulling about the Warmoth I want to build for over a year now.  Haven't pulled the trigger and ordered anything because of lifestyle changes (got re-married - changed jobs).  But now things have stabilized and the wifey has given me the green light to start making my custom guitar a reality. <applause />

Now, I've got an idea of what I want as far as the end product, but I'm not so sure that the specifics I have been looking at will achieve that.  That being said, is there any way that someone could give me their impression of what the final product would sound like if I were to provide all the details of the project (body type / wood / options, neck  wood / options, pick-ups, wiring scheme, tremelo, etc.)?

I know that Warmoth techs are real knowledgible in such things, and this type of insight would allow me to know that I was getting my first custom instrument right the first time.

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Eric "GuitarEC"
If you call up with those specs in mind, I'm sure they can help you understand how things will come together and sound.  I knew exactly what I wanted when I called in my order, but still spent an hour on the phone with GT discussing different wood tone qualities, finishes, etc.  He didn't talk me into anything, but he did have some really good advice.

I think all those guys are the same way - they'll help you. 

Or just post the specs here and we'll start spouting off about how things sound!
Okay, well here's my thought:

VIP Body:
  Korina body / top
  Hollow body option
  H - X - H  Pick-up routing
  Fender control cut-outs (blade switch cut-out, 2 control pots, 2 mini toggle cutouts
  Wilkinson surface tremelo (down-only)
  Gloss Black finish on back / Black Brown Yellow burst finish on top w/ natural binding (lip-over if it's still an available option)  See VIPP84 in the showcase for example

Warmoth "Pro" 25 1/2 Neck:
  Mahogany neck / Rosewood fretboard / Korina peghead veneer (if possible)
  Warmoth headstock
  "Wolfgang" custom contour
  Trap inlays
  SS 6115 frets
  Graphtec Graphite nut precut and installed
  Black Gross back finish / matching Black Brown Yellow burst finish on veneer (if possible)

Pick-ups and wiring:
  Seymour Duncan '59 Model (Neck / 4 conductor)
  Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (Bridge / 4 conductor)
  Each pick-up feeds to 3-way mini-toggle (series / parallel / tapped )
  Electronics go to 3 way blade pick-up selector switch (Neck / Neck & Bridge / Bridge)
  Single Volume and Tone controls
  Out to jack

  Winkinson Tremelo
  Schaller Mini Locking Tuners
  Black hardware except for chrome humbucker mounting ring flats for accent

That in a nutshell is my custom guitar.  I'm wanting a warm sounding instrument that can also have that single-coil punch when needed.

Am I on target with this one?

Many thanks,

Eirc "GuitarEC"
I think that an Ebony fingerboard will bring things a little more in balance...
Also, why are you going for a Mahogany Neck?
a Korina neck would make it a bit more uniform, and you don't have to pay extra for Korina veneer on the headstock:)
Looks like you're going to get what you are after tone-wise. One suggestion that comes to mind is to change your standard Rosewood fingerboard to Brazilian Rosewood. Brazilian is denser and will add some snap to your single coil sound without interupting the warm tones you want to keep. You'll  have some great detailed mids going on too.

Nice build!
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Gregg:  Out of curiousity, do you know if the affore mentioned Korina Peghead Veneer and matching burst finish are available / possible options?


Eric "GuitarEC"
Okay,  I thought I had settled on the above described configuration - but I think I have fallen in love with a neck I saw in the Showcase (WN525).  The idea of a non-finished neck appeals to me (having a Peavey Wolfgang as my main axe for the last 3 years) and the Bubinga/Pau Ferro combo not needing any finishing also make the neck a bit more cost effective.

Now, that being said, and seeing that those woods a bit brighter than my first selections, how will this new neck affect the overall sound of the body I previously detailed?

Anyone with some devine knowledge?


Eric "GuitarEC"