how to MOUNT BRIDGE with 24 fret neck


I am new at guitar building and need some help on how to mount a hipshop baby grand bridge on a guitar with a 24 fret neck.
People here can definitely help you but you need to give more info than that. Where are you starting from - a finished guitar and you're modifying the bridge, a blank slab of wood, or something in between? Are you talking about drilling holes or just replacing a different wraparound? I'm not sure why the # of frets is relevant.
is it a warmoth neck?
what scale length?
warmoth body?
fender body?
more details please!

do you know the scale length?
if not measure the distence from the front of the nut(i mean the side that touches the end of the fret board) to the center of the 12th fret. double that, this is your scale length. with the bridge saddles in the middle of there adjustment range they should be the distence from the nut that you previously measured as the scale length plus about 1/8" or so to allow for intonation. 

I am starting out with a totally blank piece of swamp ash. I'm not sure who the neck is made by but it was mounted on a fender jaguar before i got it. It is not the originall jaguar neck. I am puting the seymour duncan hotrodded dual humbucker set on it and i play alot of classic rock. I dont know if any of this is relevant so i'm telling you everything. I am going to be mounting a hipshot baby grand bridge on the guitar. I just need any information on how to find the exact position to mount the bridge in. The Scale length is 25.5" Thank You
Well, you'll need to finish routing the neck pocket so you can temporarily mount the neck; bridge centerline should be 25.5" from the neck's nut; you should be able to get a mounting template for the bridge
Wait, don't Jaguars have a short scale length?  If it was mounted on a Jag body it's probably not a 25.5.  I don't mean to second guess you, you've seen the neck and I haven't, but make absolutely sure before you start drilling for the bridge!  Measure from the nut to the 12th fret and double it that's the scale length.  If you've already done this ignore me :)
My last question is that when i mount the bridge on the body and set the saddles to the scale length do i do it with the saddles in the foremost forward positon, in the middle, or to the rear?  I also read that it is a good idea to mount the bridge crooked i guess you would say, with the bass side around 1/16" to 1/8" farther to the rear of the guitar. For those with previous experiance, is this recomended?
the crooked setup is for a tune-o-matic type bridge, is this what you have? see if you can find a template for the bridge you have.