how to do "enhanced grain"?


i am about to finish my swamp ash body and want to do what F Bass calls an "enhanced grain" finish. Could you more knowledgeable peoples tell me if i'm right in just using a black grain filler? If so, what is a good grain killer you can suggest?

here is a pic of what i'm talking about.
Personally, I'd use a dark brown filler.

The filler you use must be ok for use with the top coat you plan on putting over the filler....

StewMac has a clear filler you can dye, and is ok for poly or nitro finishes.  Not sure if they have dark brown.

Another way to enhance grain is to just dye the wood, then sand it back, and dye with a different (usually lighter) color. 

Another way is to finish one coat in a dark color, then sand it back and finish with another transparent color.  Thats pretty much much what happened with my BFG in another thread.

Or... you can dye it in a medium color, and clear coat it or transparent finish it.

There's really a LOT that can be done, and it depends on how you want it to look.
I think the Stewmac "medium brown" filler will fit the bill for this... but can someone tell me how do I properly use the stewmac filler? it comes in a brown liquid that would dry without shrinking!
I have no information for you but damn that bass look killer  :laughing11:
I'd go with CB's comments.  Use a dark grain filler and sand it back.

FBasses are awesome.  I've owned several of them and George's work is incredible.

Here's one of my old BN6's that had slight grain enhancement under the trans red finish:
I think the idea is to show the pickups some Lace Sensors, then they get wood.
jackthehack said:
How did you get that effect on the pickup covers?

They use a thin wood laminate on the pickup covers.  Same goes for the rear rout control plate.  The laminate comes from the same piece of wood as the body blank, which makes the grain match very closely.

I enhance the grain by giving the body a thin coat of sealer either before or after dying it. I use an oil based grain filler which I thin with white spirit and gradually add dye to the grain filler until I get color I like.After applying the filler to the grain the surplus grain filler can then be removed I can then lay on other colors If I want to before putting on the final coats of lacquer .
I hope this helps