How to Achieve the Impossible and Stupid?


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Is there any way I can get this raw mahogany close to the pink? I realize the example guitar is ash or some other 'white' wood, but I figured I could at least ask. I'd rather avoid solid paint, so I thought it can't hurt anything (except my pride and shame) to ask. Yes, I realize it is a dumb thing to want to do. Then again, so is building a guitar around one of these...


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There are bleaches available.  If you bleach it, you may need to do a contrasting grain fill to give it some figure back.  For the pink, you'll need to use a dye reducer, but I think... just maybe... with some experimentation, its possible. 
Thanks for the info; I will look into it. These are the times I really appreciate the forum, because I have NO idea how to do this.

It's a 1-piece mahogany body, and I would just feel bad (for a lot of reasons) painting it hot pink. My other thoughts were a red SG-like stain, or figuring a way to do stained hot rod flames, ideally in differing shades (or Lynch-esque tiger stripes). Since the whole concept of the guitar is exceedingly silly, why not finish it to match???

Actually, that pickguard just cracks me up so much I had to get one. I can't wait to play out with it and see if anyone will say anything.
I should add you're adding dye - NOT pigment - to the lacquer itself to create a transparent color.

Personally - I think that ash body is killer in pink!~
I like it too, but I doubt the mahogany will get to look that good.

Maybe I can find an old 'Axsak' on the Bay. Remember them, the protective covers for guitars? I am not sure, but assuming that we are talking about the 80s, they probably had a pink one.  :icon_scratch:

Np pun intended.  :toothy11:
You might be able to get what you are looking for by dyeing the raw wood white, then using a dark grain filler, then spray a light coat of transparent pink over that, fallowed by clear. 

I have no idea if that would work, but it might. 
I think you could get that look on Mahogany by trying to replicate the finishing process of an early Gibson Les Paul Special TV White.  I suggest that you get the Stew Mac “Guitar Finishing Step by Step” book and follow the directions on pages 152 thru 155. The only variation from the recipe would be to tint your white shading lacquer to pink.  I think I would use red color in oil tint but it will not be as color fast as the aniline dyes. It would be a unique finish.
Well, here's a mockup with a Showcase mahogany body. The real body has a recessed Floyd, but that can be dealt with later...

I just have no access to decent paint facilities. I could pay (a lot) to have it professionally done in hot pink, but again I feel like the grain should show. It's a  one-piece body!

I wouldn't mind rattle-canning a POPLAR body, but I feel like the mahogany deserves better, ya know?


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Well since you're painting it pink and putting a Hello Kitty pickguard on it, this is the most appropriate way to get that finish:

1.) Get StewMac clear grain filler and some dye, mix/match till you get the darker color in the grain per your Photoshop example.
2.) Do the top color using a matching/contrasting lighter shade of translucent nail polish.

Sounds crazy, but should work....
But how do I apply nail polish? And how many zillion bottles will it take?

Still, it is a VERY interesting idea, and appeals to me in a twisted way: it would certainly be a unique finish!

Here's the 'oil' version, retaining some of the dignity of the mahogany but still incorporating the tasteless pickguard. This would be much more do-able for me in technical terms.


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