How often do you change strings?

How often do you change strings?

  • Once a week if I've been playing that guitar

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I don't really have any set time, but rather change the strings when I notice they are losing that "bright" new string sound, which in turn varies with how much the guitar gets played.

If I'm playing a guitar a lot, that's probably around a two week interval.
Normally if I'm using the guitar all the time I'll switch tem once every three months.  If i break a string only a couple weeks into that 3 months I'll usually just replace the string but if its more than 6 weeks and i break one Il'l replace the whole set.

I rarely break strings anymore though, which is surprising to me compared to the frequency i did when i started playing guitar.
When I was young and punk rock ruled my conscious world, I almost never changed strings.  I guess I thought it was bougeouis.  When my playing got a little more advanced, I was telling a friend who was a little more knowledgable on such things that I had trouble keeping my guitar in tune.  He took one look at it and was like "My GOD!" Not only did I learn about keeping my strings fresh and the benefits it offered with tuning stability and tone, I also got a nice lesson in keeping my fretboard clean.  Nowadays I change my strings quite often, and take the opportunity to clean the guitar from top to bottom and find that it improves the guitar in sooo many ways.  I don't necesarily do it on any kind of schedule, just when the guitar starts to play like crap.  I also have grown accustomed to giving it a good wipe down when I put it down after playing, but you know, how often is that?
I've had my new 5 string washburn for over a year know, (i hate this bass with a passion) and have never changed the strings. nor do i have money to, i just wish one would break one day, so i could get a new set, or just throw the bass in my closet for a decade.

and i've changed my guitar strings once, when i got it, (there almost falling off know) but the thing is such a p.o.s. that its not worth it. (i also hate it with a passion)

ive changed the strings on my acoustic bass (my first bass which i will have had for 2 years on the 13th) only four times, three if you don't count the flat wounds that didn't fit.
never really needed a string change, even now the strings (phosphorus bronze) are dark and dingy, and it sounds better than when i first got it.
hmm, I must be the only crazed person who buys strings 30 to 40 sets at a time two or three times a year....
Yeah, I get the bulk d'addario sets (25 sets) but that usually gets me through the better part of a year, however, at present I'm only restringing one electric guitar (for shame).  Once my Warmoth is complete, we'll see how far they get me...and then there will be the next one...
-CB- said:
hmm, I must be the only crazed person who buys strings 30 to 40 sets at a time two or three times a year....

No your not,  if you keep an eye on the sales and buy strings in 10 packs, it's like a couple bucks per pack that  way

D'Addario nickle wound  EXL125 and EXL110  Change mine the same as Jack, as needed, I am lucky to not have swetty fingers.

Usually can go a month between changes

When I bought my Fender Precision in '78 I put a set of Dean Markley Ground Wounds on it when I got it home.

After 29 years, I figure they'll outlive me. Still going, still sound great, still stay in tune.

I probably change them once a month on each guitar, but it's not on a set schedule. I just change the strings when I noticed they are getting a bit crusty.
Im not a fussy enough player to change my strings consistantly. my friend recomemnded I change my half year old strings b4 a gig infront of 2000 ppl, so i listened to him...
I usually change them every month or so, once they lose "the feeling". Bizzarely enough, I haven't broken a string in over a year. I play pretty hard too. -shrug-
i haven't really found a good niche "time" to change strings. I don't mark string changes on a calendar let's say. the first couple of times i've done a string change, i didn't really know how to winf them properly and thus scared myslef away for changinf string that often. since i've sucesfully changed the string on my 40-year old acoustic, i feel confidant enough to change strings maybe once every couple of months or so. still getting used to remembering that i even need to change strings!
It depends on the instrument.  Guitars get changed about every other month and I only maintain about 2 - 3 spare sets per instrument.  I've been experimenting with different types of strings so I don't want a huge stock if I find something I don't like.

Since almost all of my basses are 6 string and cost of strings is between $30-60 per bass, I try not to change strings unless they're really dead sounding.  The average is about once a year.