How much paint is required?


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General consensus seems to be that you should only paint the guitar just enough to get solid color coverage. What I mean is, if you get your color in two coats, there's no benefit in using six coats.

Some people believe that too much paint ruins the tone, but then people believe in Bigfoot too...

You should certainly have more than enough paint, since it should go on very thin and you'll get coverage quickly.

Hope that helps, and I am sure people with more experience than me will also contribute to the thread.


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If you're talking stain, then 1/2 pint should do three guitars or so. For clear, it depends on how much you want to put on it. But remember you are talking about 8 oz of paint! That's a lot of paint for one little piece of wood.


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Thanks, Tfarny.  A wealth of information as always.

I just want to make sure I have enough when I'm ready to go.  Plus, I'll be practicing on smaller boards of wood before I take on the body itself.

I'm using a car paint - and it's pretty freakin' expensive.  I can get a half pint for $35 and 1 pint for about $65.  Just trying to figure out how much I'll need beforehand.

Also need to figure out which primer to use on the wood and what kind of clear coat to get.  I suppose standard car finish wouldn't be appropriate.