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Just ...HOW LONG YOU guys WAIT FOR YOUR custom ORDERS..? and did Warmoth ever exceed the time given (normally 4 - 6 weeks)..?? :laughing7:

and.. is it according to your specs..??  :eek:

what say you..?  :evil4:
Never had a bad experience with my order.
Warmoth alwas 'underpromised and overdelivered' :) in other words, they always delivered sooner than what they told me.
I have just received parts for my 6th or 7th project , and I have always been pleasantly surprised with the product. I guess it depends on how high you set your expectations with custom orders.
brownsound79 said:
Just ...HOW LONG YOU guys WAIT FOR YOUR custom ORDERS..? and did Warmoth ever exceed the time given (normally 4 - 6 weeks)..?? :laughing7:

and.. is it according to your specs..??  :eek:

what say you..?   :evil4:
Trying to stir up hate and discontent?   :icon_scratch:   :evil4:
of koz not...  :dontknow:  would i do such a thing... ???

its just a poll.. i just want to know izzit worth to wait..??
it feels good to hear no bad rep here.. i always trust warmoth since back in the 90's..first encounter with Warmoth ad' in Guitar World magazines with "yeah..they hollow" tag.. (thinline ad) 
I get my Warmoth stuff the same day I order it - no extra charge.  I've never had such quick service from anyone I buy from. Warmoth is always my first choice when I need custom parts at great prices!

- This has been paid for by the Warmoth Addicts Society.
Got my stuff about 5 weeks earlier then quoted...haven't seen i yet (will be here friday) but I deffinatly have no complaints with there shipping estimates
When I ordered my neck, I was quoted 8 to 10 weeks.  I got notification that the neck shipped right at the 8 week point. 

Just placed a custom order to build a lefty LP for my son and was to 8 to 10 weeks for that order as well.

Everything I've ever ordered has come out exactly as ordered.  My Warmoth builds have replaced guitars and basses costing much, much more.  I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it!  Can I get a hug?
brownsound79 said:
Just ...HOW LONG YOU guys WAIT FOR YOUR custom ORDERS..? and did Warmoth ever exceed the time given (normally 4 - 6 weeks)..?? :laughing7:
and.. is it according to your specs..??  :eek:
what say you..?  :evil4:

I wait for my orders, until their filled, shipped and I receive them, and not a day longer. 

HINT: Nice guys finish first.
I placed my order for a neck on Jan 5th, nothing fancy.

Quarter Sawn
Standard 10-16
lsr nut
sperzel ream
vintage tint

as of Feb 20th I was told it was right at the half way it is 8 weeks and nothing heard.
Also, I wanted to show what Warmoth thought was acceptable.

New Warmoth body with Warmoth neck in pocket. Such a tight fit that I could pick up the whole guitar by the head stock with no screws installed.....but....pocket was off.



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8 to 10 weeks is typical for anything that gets a finish. Takes a long time for the stuff to cure to the point where it can be buffed properly. Trying to cheat that is the most common mistake DIY finishers make. For instance, lacquer "dries" almost coming out of the gun. But, you don't dare mess with it for several weeks.

Neck pocket fit is always super-tight from Warmoth. It's almost what I'd call a "press fit". Not unusual at all to be able to pick up the body by the neck with no fasteners. In fact, I'd be surprised if you couldn't. That's actually a Good Thing, although sometimes you can chip your body's finish if you don't line things up perfectly. I learned a long time ago to not mess around with dry-fitting the neck and taking it off - you're asking for trouble because the tolerances are right around zero.

The alignment issue I think you're showing there may be the bridge's fault. At least, I'd look at that first. Warmoth's bodies are machined on CNC mills, so if the neck pocket alignment was an issue, you see it repeatedly. Probably put them out of business as well.
They did the bridge install as well.......I do like the tight neck pocket......when I showed Warmoth...aka Spike.....they quote.....


This is fairly typical with new builds. (I even did this from time to time when setting up new factory guitars at the store)

1.      Back off each neck screw about ¼ turn

2.      With strings on and still roughly at tension, rotate the neck laterally in the pocket until the desired alignment is achieved.
(To get an idea of this geometrically if not immediately evident, lay the guitar flat on its back and look down on it from above.
Clockwise and counter-clockwise are the directions to rotate the neck while maintaining position with the body)

3.      Tighten all the neck screws down again and re-tune

All bolt-on neck guitars may need this kind of “adjustment” at one point or another in their lives.

I hope this helps out.

I am not knocking Warmoth one bit, I think they are #1 as far as any maker goes........just weird I was asked to move and unmovable neck
It may help if you posted pictures of the bridge also.

Although the neck pockets are tight there should be the possibility of lateral movement as spike suggested. It doesn't require much movement at all to align them.

Thanks, I have been building and playing for around 20 years....the pocket did not allow ANY side to side movement, solid, tight.

I did suspect the bridge.......Tape shows dead center.


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Ok, from the bridge photo not much to see but when your not next to an instrument it's a different view to when you are.

Just an idea may be to consider the possibility of excess finish at the sides of the neck pocket. If so you might want to adjust with a small block and a little sandpaper.

But if you find it is not adjustable contact Warmoth again for further advice.