how do i get a tele pickguard like mark harris


Does anyone know how to get a pickguard like the one on Mark Harris's orange thinline guitar in the warmoth tele showcase

also does warmoth drill holes for those???

I can't find what you are talking about, but I do know that Warmoth does not drill the pickguard holes, though this is a very simple thing to do by one's self.  They also sell pickguard material so you can cut your own guard any way you like!
You need to call Warmoth to custom order the pickguard, or retrieve the form to mail/fax in. That just appears to be a Warmoth Tele pickguard cut for a single humbucker in White Pearl. Check this page:

this one?
I think I would have a go at modifying a Warmoth standard one (with humbucker cut-out).
It looks like you should ba able to just cut some of it away and file/ sand for a nice finish to the edge.
This might be a little off-topic, but how would one go about trimming a layered pickguard (white-black-white, say)?
I guess the "correct" way would be with a suitable router bit.

I've done them with files and abrasive papers before, and though it takes a LONG time, it can be done!