How 'bout a PRS shape?

I thought the VIP was like a PRS shape? But I haven't looked at a PRS lately.



I suppose I stand corrected.  I don't know, I remember looking at the VIP at some point and it seemed like its shape was closer to Carvin's take on the PRS (their "California Carved Top") than an actual PRS.  This one seems pretty close.  Okay, I'll shut up now.
Don't the PRSs have a shallow recess for the volume and tone knobs?  I think that sets it apart from the copies...not sure how hard that would be though.
The control holes on the VIP bodies aren't recessed, could be a patent deal, also the rear tremelo cavity mirrors a Strat's rather than the PRS design; other than that it's the same.
I think the higher cutway is a little stranger in VIP and she looks a little "fat" too... Anothers dual cutaway "lp" kind of guitars have a little more sexy design... I'm sure that if they try they can make a even better VIP... If anyone try it, just call me and I'll help the most I can!
Hey BigDave, where did you get that old style VIP body?  It looks great, and I'm sure it'll sound just as good.  Swamp Ash+my favorite tone wood. :headbang1:

I bought my VIP body from the Warmoth showcase back when they used it for clearance, for about 199$ (in 1998).  This was the same time PRS 'asked' Warmoth not to make anymore, I think mine might have been the last one.  It was my understanding that they even deleted the cnc files for it, besides making an alternative to the VIP (which was called the VIP 2 for awhile).  It sat in a box in a closet for years (about ten) before it finally was sent for finishing.  They kept mine for a while while it was being finished so maybe they got all the right dimensions.  :laughing8: 

Anyway I'm not a real PRS fan and I like the Warmoth Z body better anyway.
im making my own flat top prs shape. Got a routed body blank from Warmoth and plans from it's coming along nicely so far. i have the sanding template ready for using the robo-sander on the body after cutting it out. Still waiting on Sears to ship out the right bandsaw blade.



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