I just received my SG body and love it, thanks guys. But, it would be good if you could place a little offcut in the box also, so customers could do their paint/dye experiments on them before applying it to the actual body.

That is a cool idea. Surely there would be a little wood left after cutting the body to shape.
If we made one body or neck at a time it would be easier to keep loose pieces with it. In our batch-processing, there is no way to manage it efficiently. And if we didn't stream line with this kind of manufacturing process, the necks and bodies would be double the price.

Regardless of that though, it has been requested before so we know it would be handy for our customers. As we grow, this remains on our list of options requested and hopefully one day it will be in place.
Greg P said:
How about just general scrap pieces, not necessarily from a particular guitar?
Then it would not take dye or even perhaps be the same color to start out with as the body or neck it's suppose to be representing.

If it was just the scraps you're after, then we have to determine what is too big and what is too small, how to pack it, do we charge by the pound, do pieces with knots in them count, etc, etc. From that stand point I've heard Ken say he doesn't want to be in the scrap wood business.