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i don't know if it's just the weather or the humidity or what, but i seem to have a hard time maintaining tune on my beaut.

now, i know it's not the tuners... could it be i'm bending too aggressively or should i take a look at the nut? if it's the nut, what exactly causes the guitar to lose tune so dramatically... especially on the G and B strings...

any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
if it's the nut the slots are too narrow. warmoth nuts are cut for a .010 treble but i'm not sure of the bass side. if you play on a string larger than that you may need a slight rework. also check for any sharp edges or things that might cause binding or friction like the slots not being in line with the strings and check that the slot bottoms have a slight break angle to ensure there is pressure at the edge that meets the fret board.
also are these brand new strings? strings do relax a bit and it varies from brand to brand or even pack to pack so it might take a day or two before you can expect to have it hold a tune.

another thing that can cause you to lose tune is not having the strings wraped on the post properly. it only takes a couple wraps. and it helps to bend the exes away so the string creates a z bend throught the post. and i've run into defective strings before. the twisted section around the ball end can unwind causing you to lose tune and in bad cases the ball pops off.
Top 10 reasons you go out of tune

#1 stringing
#2 stringing
#3 stringing
#4 failing to stretch the strings
#5 stringing
#6 nut slots
#7 environmental
#8 strining
#9 bridge saddles
#10 stringing
#12 is cancer in capricorns retrospect (whatever the hell that means)
#13 bridge saddle groove.
I'll talk to my tech about it when i go in for the follow up visit/set up

weather's been wacky, and forced heating in the NYC apartment isn't helping i'm sure... maybe it's environmental.
either way, i'll update the board as soon as i know. maybe i'm just overly sensitive, and hate having to retune every couple of times i pick 'er up.
Heh, I thought you meant you were going out of tune while playing.  I'd say you're overly sensitive.

Of course, a lot of people say ugh, tune that thing, when I play... I have a good ear but I don't usually bother tuning unless I'll be playing open chords.
If your apartment temps are going up and down and you're talking about retuning every couple of times you pick it up, that's just environmental. The question is, does it go out of tune as you play? Also, how off is it, in cents?