Hipshot Individual Bass Bridges For Jazz Bass?


I noticed that the G4 is the only bass that you can get routed for the Hipshot Individual bridges.  Can the routing be done on a Jazz body.  Is it in the works, or will Warmoth do it for an upcharge?  Not that the G4 isn't nice, I've got one, but I want to start my Perfect Jazz Bass build and those Hipshot bridges are definately my idea of perfect.
No problems doing the single saddle bridge on a 4 string J.  (Or P for that matter!)

Operators are standing by!

Here's one from the Gallery: http://www.warmoth.com/gallery/gallery.cfm?fuseaction=include_container&id=1055
saw that one, and got confused, i thought whats the point of making it only available on a g4, is better suited for a g5 or a gecko or deluxe.
why not every thing, its a cad program.

and why doesn't W sell and rout for other hipshot bridges, they are the best out there. they only do the A and the trem for an upcharge.

i would love to get this bridge:
on an explorer, thunderbird, or sg bass.
seems like you would have to resses it or shim the neck pocket. i am more that willing to have that done, to have that gibson bass vibe, with 4 time the quality.