High Gain Amp Thread


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2) VHT Pitbull
3) Bogner Uberschall
4)Framus Dragon
5) Diezel Herbert

Do you guys even begin to know what these amps can do?
They move more air than a tornado!
They will absolutley melt your face off!

These amps are one step beyond the Marshall JVM's, and Soldano SLO's. Most people dont want or need higher gain than that.

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yeah dude, Uberschalls are fantastic!! I played a pitbull a while back, it was pretty dang cool too! The Uberschall blows a dual rectifier out of the water! (haha, that's why I sold my recto!) I also have a Krank revolution1 (the first production series, not the new crappy ones) and an old red bear MK60 head, they all sound great!
Rock on for High-Gain goodness!  :headbang1:


Almost forgot, Framus rules too!! I've played the dragon and the Cobra, and they're both insanely good. (I liked the dragon a bit better)


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I haven't tried any of those, but the ultra channel on my JSX has all the gain that I need, and its very beefy when plugged into the 4x12 cab.

Death by Uberschall

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I have an Uberschall (Rev2) AND IT IS MY GO TO AMP (and I own several high end amps). It is not a "one trick pony" as a lot of people like to say. I figured out that those who say it are "one trick players". Trust me, that amp kills!!  :headbang1:

The Diezle Hebert is great, but a little too "hi-fi" for me. You have to crank the crap out of it to make it shine (and at 150 watts it's screaming loud), but once you do, it's heaven.

Never played a Framus or VHT, so I can't say. I do know most comments I read or hear about the VHT stuff is that they are very tight sounding amps, very little compression.

Another amp you need to check out is the Rivera Knucklehead Tre'.
Here's a copy of a review I did for another forum:

I haven't seen any reviews here on the Rivera Knuckle Head Tre'. So I'm posting my feelings about it for those who may be interested.

Knuckle Head Tre'
I had a chance to test this amp out at a local high end music store. First 5 minute impression was that this amp was ok and nothing special. But after tweaking for about 20 minutes I really started to dig what I was hearing. Another 30 minutes in and it was a keeper. I did pick one up, but I got a very well taken care of used one for $960.00 vs. the $1999.99 new price tag. Comes with 3 button footswitch (channel, boost, loop).

Channel 1 (high gain):
Without a doubt, the highest gain I've ever encountered in an amp, period, even before engaging the boost control. Compared to my Uberschall, SLO and Mesa's, it's much higher in the gain dept. I'm using EMG 81/85/SA pups into the Low Gain input and with the gain on 5 it's massive, engage the boost and it's over the top. But it retains it's tone and feel, never muds out. Even at extreme levels of gain the amp is very quiet. But if you have noisy effects or pick ups you will have problems at higher gain settings. I run a Decimator pedal between my pedals and amp input which knocks out any noise before the amps I'm using. It's a straight forward channel with a simple eq (Treble, Mid, Bass), Gain and Master controls plus a shared Presence control. Master volume knob pulls for boost engage (if you are not using the footswitch). But a real nice thing is the Resonance control in this channel that acts like a sub level, without the subwoofer. According to Rivera they used an extra gain stage from the pre-amp tubes to drive this control seperately from the main channel 1 eq. It really does work, start turning it up and get ready to feel some very tight and forceful bass, not flubby or muddy, but tight and forcefull movement of air from the speakers. More usable bass than my Uberschall. This channel stays tight and clear. Leads sing for days and are very smooth and fluid. Harmonics jump out with very little effort on the players part.

Quick run down of comparisons for those who need it;
More upper mid voicing, tighter bass and more focused with less power section compression than my Uberschall gain channel.
Clean and clear, very focused gain with very little power section compression like my SLO, just all around heavier and more aggressive tone.

Channel 2 (clean):
This channel is clean and big sounding. A few people have said "Fender" clean, and I have to agree. It's in your face, thick and bold. The channel controls are straight forward with a few options. Eq consist of Treble, Mid and Bass. Treble knobs pulls out for "Bright" and the Mid knob pulls out for a "Mid Notch" shift. Both of these features make a very noticable change in the tone. This channel shares the same presence control as the Gain channel. There is no Master Volume control for this channel, only Volume. Basically the Volume knob controls the gain of the channel. Just keep turning it up until you match the volume level of the gain channel. Or turn it up higher for some nice crunch tones. But keep in mind it will be very loud since there is no master volume control for this channel and you will be overdriving the channel itself. It is a nice channel to balance with the gain channel.

Quick run down of comparisons for those who need it;
Big and bold cleans, very tight and more focused than my Uberschall clean channel, but not as soft or warm responce wise.
Thicker clean tone and warmer than my SLO clean channel, but not as "pristine" sounding.

The amp has a tube buffered effects loop with send and return level knobs, this should all the effects loop anybody should ever need. You can also use it as a foot switched volume boost for solos or what ever.

This amp is powerfull and loud. Amp stays very tight, very little, if any compression in the power section. So if you don't like the way an Uberschall compresses when pushed, or you like the tightness of an SLO but just wish it was more aggressive, then this might be the amp for you.

Hope this helps.