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Would Warmoth do a custom finish for me in Daphne Blue?  If so, how much would it cost?  I've a friend that loves the way my Warmoth Strat plays, but wants one in a more traditional color scheme.  I'm also going to try to get him to go for the hollow option too.

This is the sort of hue I'm looking for.

BTW, I think Warmoth would sell a ton of Daphne Blue guitars if they made it a standard color choice.

Warmoth used to offer Daphne Blue, but it didn't sell as well as Sonic Blue so we just couldn't justify keeping the color as a standard offering. If we have a can of it left, a Warmoth rep can quote it for you. Just tell your rep about my response and he'll check into for you at order time.

By the way, that finish looks greener than Daphne Blue on my screen.
Thanks Gregg.  I can't imagine why that washed out looking Sonic Blue would sell more than the gorgeous Daphne Blue.  Sonic is my least favorite Fender color, and Daphne is my favorite.  If you had offered DB when I built my first Warmoth, then I wouldn't be playing the guitar I am today.  People are weird...


Ps.  How long ago did you stop offering Daphne Blue?
People are weird...


We probably stopped stocking it 3 or 4 years ago. We did a few afterwards because we still had some paint left but that was quite some time ago.
I love both blues and all those funky colors Leo Fender "borrowed" from car companies...
Still, every Warmoth body I have ordered has a figured top so no space for solid colors!

*I prefer rear routed guitars too... :cool01:
No, you're just the only one under the age of 17.    :laughing7:
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