Help with HB coil cut improvement


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Hi All,
I came across this advice regarding improving the sound of a coil-cut humbucker.  I'm pretty keen to add this into my wiring, but am unsure of the specifics of where the bits go.  Does anyone have a schema or picture of how you wire this?

You can wire a capacitor to where the coil gets sent to ground. This will 
give you the clear treble of the single coil, with the bass of a humbucker
  (here, only the treble of the second coil gets sent to ground, while the 
                              bass remains).                             
  If this gives you too much bass, wire a resistor in parallel with the   
  capacitor. (e.g. the treble of the second coil is sent to ground, while 
  about 60% of the bass from the second coil gets sent to ground).