Help me with pickup choice for warmoth project!

Fredde G


I am about to order a guitar from warmoth and as the headline suggest, i need som help with the chioce of pickups.
The guitar that i will be purchasing is a walnut soloist body with flame walnut top and a purpleheart/ebony neck. The guitar is going to be mounted with a floyd rose bridge.
The music that i intend to play is progressive rock/metal, meaning fast solos and so on. Therefore i will need two humbuckers (neck and bridge) with medium to high output. I would also like to have a single coil between them for some blues playing. I am looking for a soud not being to distorted, and i do not prefer 9volt driven pickups. The Amplifier that i use in my setup is a soldano slo-100. It is hard to explain how you want to sound like. To give you a hint, my favourte guitarist are michael angelo batio, steve vai etc..

As i am living far from the US and the fact that guitars and parts cost three double were i live i will be buying these pickups from warmoth. It seems like seymour duncan pickups would be a good choice, but my lack of knowledge and the huge amont of pickups makes it hard for me to decide.

What this information given, could someone help me with which pickups i should choose.

Spend an hour or so on the Seymour Duncan website and just get familiar with the products. Its a prety useful website. Also when you find what you think you want check out reviews of the pu on harmony central reviews: its really informative. I was set on getting the cool rails recently but it had some appalling reviews and I've completely rethought it.

May I recommend a Seymour duncan JB at the bridge. It can handle as much drive as you want without losing clarity. Its an absolute beast of a Pickup, widely regarded as Seymours best HB.

For the neck theres loads of options. Check out the Dragon burst Les Paul youtube video somewhere on this forum. Someone on here gives a really cool demo of a JB loaded Warmoth Les Paul hes built. 
I agree with Solo. The JB is an awesome pickup and a great choice for the bridge position. Might I suggest a StagMag for the neck. These are one of the few Humbuckers that sound good when split (IMHO) and might save you the cost of a third pickup. I built a walnut bodied jazzmaster which gets a real stinging blues tone with the neckpup selected split.
Though the Jazz (neck) and JB (bridge) setup has been done a million times (myself included), well, there's good reason for it.

The jazz neck bucker is a personal favorite of mine. Fantastic clarity, sings, sweetens up more when split, yet still takes distortion like a man.
I highly recommend coil tappping the humbuckers rather than doing the single coil in the middle. It'll save you money on buying a third pup and it's not that hard to do, plenty of schematics online.
I just finnished a buddies guitar,(all warmoth)  we put a JB in the bridge, and VanZants in the middle and neck.

I used a push push pot to split the JB, useless waiste of time and money. alls it does is thin out the JB sound, I would never use it that way.

I also added a push push pot for the middle knob, which is the neck tone, this push push turns on the neck pickup so that you can have any combination of pickups on, with the switch in the 2 spot, all 3 pickups are on,,

Anyway, the Jb bridge and the neck on together is an incredible sound, you get some crunch and twang sound

My only bitch about the JB, is that theres a volume drop going from the VanZants to the JB, the JB sounds great, Just need to figure out how to ballance the outputs