Help me love Sherwood green!

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I'm building a strat-tele hybrid baritone and instead of the black and variations of white I always choose I'm trying to be brave and order a color that I like but wouldn't normally have chosen, and for me that's Warmoth's variant of Sherwood green. I don't like a lot of the Sherwood greens on the internet where the green is more emerald and just a darker green that I don't like. Warmoth's SWG seems lighter and looks more like the surf green paint that I have from Sherwin-Williams - it has more blue in it.

Actually, I was all but settled on Daphne blue until I saw this Orange Crush pickgaurd material from pickguard planet

... and thought it would look amazing on Warmoth's Sherwood green as I do like the orange and green pairing. I think this would make a great pickguard for SWG too

I'd even like this black guard w/ the orange glow outline on the SWG I think

There's quite a few pickguards I think'd look good on Warmoth's SWG.

But I don't know.. I've never desired a green guitar and this will be my main guitar at that. I've been staring at pictures of SWG strats that closely match Warmoth's and trying to make myself love it.. I mean I don't *not* love it, and those pickguards from Pickgaurd Planet would make it look awesome I think, but yeah I'm just trying not to wimp out by getting the same old black or white or end up convincing myself that I'm getting something different than white by getting light yellow or something lol.

Who loves Warmoth's Sherwood green? Got pictures? Any interesting pickgaurds that you found looked great on Warmoth's SWG (other than mint green)?
This is kind of a faded early 80's ESP version of Sherwood Green I think - it's greener under the pickguard. I never even though of it as "green" at all, until I threw the brown tort on it. (My wife has always called it the "green guitar" and I'm like -it's blue. Blue gray.

I have no clue. It's a hardtail, but the cast saddles are sort of unique. I think Gotoh may have made it once upon a time. This guitar was built circa 82-83 I think. The wood parts are ESP, as is the neck plate so I guess that's a possibility too.
One of my favorite metallic colors is British Racing Green or Bullitt Green (from the movie). Sherwood Green is close and judging from the various strats I have seen I would pair it with a black (B-W-B) pickguard and dark colored fretboard.

I like the first two materials you posted but it's usually tricky to find colors that match these pickguards, I would look mostly at the solid colors in the Warmoth catalog. The orange crush is similar to what Warmoth was offering in the past, one of my favorites.


Here's my sherwood green tele:


It's a very nice colour.  Photo does not do it justice.
Definitely sherwood blue to me. It's a weird color. I think that's true for everyone. My yellow deficiency is so slight I was 45 before I had any clue.
swarfrat said:
Definitely sherwood blue to me. It's a weird color. I think that's true for everyone. My yellow deficiency is so slight I was 45 before I had any clue.

That's my problem. I did an image search for "Sherwood Green Guitar" which resulted in no less than seven different shades and colors running from Olive Drab to what looked like Baby Blue, and all of them where called Sherwood Green........................ :dontknow:
I think it all depends on the skill and training of the photographer.  In my case, you would consider both to be 'minimal'.  :headbang:
I'm expecting Warmoth's SWG to look like this.. does this look about right for Warmoth's?


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Warmoth's Sparkly Green Finishes Compared