Hello, a new warmoth addict


Hello-  I think I am a Warmoth addict already and my package hasn't even arrived yet.  I only just recently gotten into building guitars.  I put together an All Parts strat, it turned out pretty sweet.  I really wanted a Warmoth but didn't have the funds.  I loved building my first guitar so much that I had to do it.  I sold my favorite guitar and bought myself a Warmoth.  It's Les Paul body from the showcase.  It a cambered mohogany body with spruce top and cherry sunburst finish.  I also got a maple neck w/ brazilian rosewood fret board and block inlays.  I can't wait!!!  I already have many more projects in mind.  I wonder what I could sell.
Wow, that should be beautiful. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Warmoth Enablers.

Here's the pics I saved while I wait for my package. 

I like it a lot!
Love the spruce top! I would really like to try a transparent finished spruce top on a strat sometimes!!

I can see why you would like to paint the headstock black.. it would be more lp-like.
Hmm, maybe do the maple in the neck in red transparent toner to try to match the burst/back of that body?
That sounds cool too.  Actually that sounds really cool.  Would the birdseye stand out good in transparent red? So many possibilities.