Hardtail Strat and Nut Width


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I can't find the threads now, but I seem to recall reading two different answers. The Vintage Style Strat Flatmount Bridge has a wide string spread. I know RLW used 1-11/16, but it seems that I recall a post by Gregg that said 1-5/8 nut is better. Anyone know for certain?


I do recall that RLW used the Callaham hardtail, but it drops right into W's flat bridge rout.
I have a hardtail strat from Warmoth using the vintage spaced bridge, and have a 1 11/16 nut - I've had no problems at all.
I have both nut widths, you can tell the difference near the nut but that's all.  It will work fine
Definitely get the nut width that feels best for your fingers and style - some people can't stand the 1 5/8 (me), others don't want anything else. That 1/16 makes a lot more difference than you might think.
I definitely am used to, and prefer 1-11/16.  Just wanted to be sure that 1-11/16 width with that bridge wouldn't put the strings too close to the edge of the fretboard. Thanks for the responses.
I also have a hardtail strat with the Callaham vintage spaced bridge and 1-11/16th nut......also without a problem.