Guitar mod terror/humor video


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I about pooped a biscuit when I saw the drill... Hero/villain/genius/madman, you decide.
Joseph, Mary and Jack Dancin' Jesus! 

I mean, why not just use a paring knife, or a ... aw fagetaboudit!

Nice tunes tho.

And .. that drill needs a mouthpiece.  Legal that is.  Black hole.  Cash box Corsair.  Change digger. 

Y'all come back now y'heah?
yeah im puzzled about the springs aswell... but i liked the use of the humbucker the best.
I figure the part he doesn't show is you'd have to brace the top really well, and hook the springs to extensions to the heelblock inside (coathanger wire? :toothy12:).
BTW, the guy who did this is a smokin' guitarist - here is a clip of him on a tappy "Little Wing":

And here he installs a DJ toy into an electric, with suitably alarming results:

Thanks for not pointing out he is butchering a LEFTY guitar.......anybody know where this dude lives?