Guitar Bridge Idea?


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Stumbled upon this at the big W website, an alternative bass bridge;

Just wondering if anyone has seen one similar for guitar?

I think it would be cool, both visually and sonically, any thoughts?
already saw it, its a really good setup, just a little sketchy when grounding a passive circuit,
sorry dude, haven't seen one for guitar, but hey, the bass just got a one up, so i guess im not that sorry.  :evil4:
guitlouie said:
Yamaha has something sorta like that on some AES series guitars...,,CNTID%25253D60006%252526CTID%25253D600002%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html

It's not exactly the same, nor is it a ringing endorsement that it's Yamaha, but there you go

Those AES guitars are absolutely excellent for the money, particularly the one loaded with a JB in the bridge. I recommend those to my students a lot, far better than Epiphone planks. 
I wasn't trying to slam the Yamahas,  I played one for a while one day and your right, for the money they are not bad.  I just meant that they don't have guitar geek seal of approval as "cool".  :laughing3:
I'd like to see a shot of those bass bridges on a finished bass, more straight-on. Hard to tell from that product shot at the Warmoth link in the opening post how it looks/comes together on a bass. I'm betting there isn't a pic with this system in the gallery, it seems so new...

Very minimalist and streamlined. I was looking at them just over the weekend and thinking "well that's something you don't see all the time!"
>JR< said:
-CB- said:
I thought that was for 5 string BANJO's!~  :laughing7:
whats the difference anyway!!  :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Lets see... un-ending gibberish notes, five strings, can never really keep time or count, doesn't know when to come in or to quit, and always play too loud.  I guess its just a matter of octaves in 5string bass vs banjo. :hello2:
CB, i love you like a tumor.
any way the whole ider (might have been stated before, i just skim these posts now a days) of the single saddle is to keep string vibration from the sting being hit form making other strings vibrate. just to clear that up. i don't get to much of that as a bass player, but my pups are so low output that i couldn't tell the diff.