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Ok - this may be a silly question but I have to ask anyway.  Why foes one ground to the back ot the volume or Tone Pot?  With the exception of a capacitor that may require grounding to the Pot itself - I see no reason why I can say - tie the pickup and jack ground together put them in a small grounding harness and mount the harness direct to the body with a metal screw.  Why go through all the hassel trying to run everything to a single soldered point on a POT them run a single wire to a grounded screw?  Can someone fimd fault with my reasoning?  I figured that the pots themselves were grounded because 1) the shielding tape they touch and with rear routed pots mine are connected to the body directly (Grounded) no?
The grounding point of the physical back of the pot needs be tied to the ground OUT side of the output jack - as so ALL ground points in the circuit, so it is actually connected to a REAL ground, through the amp circuit. Shielding tape is NOT "grounded" by itself, unless it is tied to the ground circuit LEAVING the guitar/bass. The body of the guitar/bass is NOT grounded, how could it be, it's wood...
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