ground from pickups


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Please help! I am a wiring newbie. I am trying to wiring my Gecko 5. I ordered an Aguilar OBP-3 pre-wired ( I assumed this would make it very simple) preamp and am using Nordstrand DC pickups with single/ series /parallel for each. The diagram says attach the bare pickup wires to ground but this usually is sodered to the back of a pot. Where do I attach these grounds since the pickups are attached to switches instead. The Aguilar diagram does no specify, but I am assuming the unattached wire from the jack connects to the bridge ground. Do I try to connect the pickup grounds to th bridge/jack connection or what?
Looking at the diagram at this URL:

The hot wire from the pickups get attached to the "Dual Audio Blend" pot.

The ground wires from the PUs should be twisted together and can be soldered to the back of the Vol pot, or to the connector all the way to the left on the Vol pot; typically that pot lead will be bent back and soldered to the body of the pot.