graphtech ferraglide vs callaham saddles


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any opinions on this?

i already bought a set of graphtech fg saddles for my strat.

now i'm also thinking of the callaham bridge.

apparently you can get the bridge without the saddles. so graphtech fg saddles would fit on that, right?

or are callaham saddles better?
just an opinion.

I dont think it's gonna matter much either way for tone but the graphtech saddles should be easyer on your strings. The calaham stuff would look more vintage.

Yep - I went for the ferraglides on my strat.  Purely a "look" thing as I never liked the stamped metal look of the vintage style fender saddles.  I'm happy with the ferraglides though I don't think they've done anything special for the tone.  Not breaking many strings but then again I usually don't no matter what I use.  Swapped the graphtechs with the standard saddles on a narrow spaced strat bridge plate which I got from Warmoth.  Only word of advice if you choose to go that way is to make sure to get the right saddles.  I actually emailed the guys at Graphtech to check on the fit (from the contact us section of their website).  From what I remember they responded within the day and told me the right models to get.  I definitely was going to get the wrong ones otherwise so I recommend checking up on that.