Grain filler color


  I have a black korina/flame maple project going on and I'm in the process of filling the grain on the korina back. I'm using Bartley's light oil-base filler. I've applied two coats so far and just sanded the second one back to the field. However, I really liked the color I had on the wood before sanding. It made the korina this really nice brown.
  I was wondering if there was any problem with leaving the filler unsanded and putting a glossy finish over it. Do you think it will make the finish bumpy and uneven, or will the grain pits pockmark the finish despite being filled? :icon_scratch:

Here's some pictures to show the color.

You should be fine to shoot over it if the surface is really clean.  Any blobs laying on the surface will show up real fast and they cause problems later in the finishing process. I use a worn out 3M 320 Sanding Sponge and go with the grain to make sure nothing is laying on the surface.  If I burn through I just touch that area up with filler and let it hang an extra day.
Great thanks Tonar, I was really hoping I could leave it brown. By the way, your posts regarding grain filling were very helpful during the filling of my guitar, thanks!