Grain filled Flame Maple?


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Following on from the "enhanced grain Swamp Ash" thread I'm considering using a redish/brown grain filler on a flame maple top. Just wondering if anyone has any pics/recommedations/opinions/advice on doing this.

you want to consider utilizing a dye or stain instead, as grain filler won't get you anywhere on most maple due to the tightness of the grain structure

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Actually... you can use something like black or brown filler for a bit of a "dye" effect, but the effect wont be as pronounced or with the same depth that dye has.  The filler will seep into the micropores, and the wood will be colored.  You'll need to be very careful sanding since the penetration will be only very slight.  And, the "shimmer" will be lost, since the clear coat fills the micropores and makes "lens elements" of each one.  If you fill those micro pores with grain filler, you totally lose the depth of the shimmer.  But... it will yield some sort of result.  Doing dye be mo'betta in most circumstances.
What type of stain/dye would you recommend if someone wanted to get an effect like the black "wash" coat you sanded back before applying the blue on the TFG Thinline?
I used an alcohol based "metallic" dye.  Its leather dye - from Tandy, called "ProDye" but ya know... it works on wood no problem and is very light fast.  I bought quarts of several colors decades ago and still have half or more left... so I just keep using it.