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This is my first build (actually re-build) project.  My original plan was to build a double bound humbucker tele using warmoth parts, but I came accross this JD telecaster and decided to start with it for a base.  The JD is translucent red, and was hardly played.  It had a Fishman PowerBridge installed, and a seymor duncan neck humbucker added.  I stripped it down the other night, and ordered all new hardware from warmoth yesterday...from the tuners all the way down the the string ferrules on the back.  Everything chrome will be black on this beast.  Should accent the red nicely.  Installing a new Gotoh humbucker bridge and having warmoth cut a black perloid pickguard to mate up to it.  Still trying to decide on what pickups I want (leaning towards a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups), but I am dumping the 3 way switch for a 5-way so I can coil tap the pickups and wire it up similar to my Big Apple strat.  Doing all this to get my feet wet...then I would like to build a VIP or LPS with a carved top and an exotic neck. 

Here is a bone stock JD Signature tele


And how mine looked before stripping it down

I used to have a Warmoth Soloist with a carved flame maple top, but sold it a year or two back to buy a new Fender American Deluxe v-neck Strat.  Had a local guitar tech build it for me.  Here is the Soloist


That guitar was modeled after my main axe at the time...a fender American Big Apple Stratocaster


And the reason I sold the Soloist:

And just so it doesn't feel left out, my baby....a mint condition 1978 Fender American Stratocaster

:laughing11:  Sure is!  I love that guitar, just get nervous playing it.  It is starting to go up in value.  I used to use it as a backup, but have sinced cased it now that I have my deluze v-neck.  That guitar screams
Oh yeah, you'll get massive sustain, articulation and a compressed disc from playing that one!  :laughing7:  It is very cool though...a great guitar to hang on to for sure.  :icon_thumright:
I plan on handing it down to my son....when I die  LOL  I must've clicked the wrong button on accouple of the pictures...they came up as links.  :icon_scratch:  oh well.  The links still work just fine.
Finished stripping down the JD last night and got my new pickups ordered also.  Now comes the waiting game  :(  Had an email from Warmoth yesterday verifying how I wanted the pickguard cut.  Hopefully I will start seeing parts next week!  Still need to get the bridge pickup hole routered, but wanted to wait for the Gotoh bridge to make sure everything lines up correct.  Attached a picture of my naked tele


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Getting closer!  Finally started reassembly and will tackle the wiring tonight  :headbang1: