Goodwill guitar- 80's Warmoth!?


Hey folks! So I found this beautiful Hardtail Strat at Goodwill that I can't ID, but is a pretty pro looking build. I am guessing from the 80's as the EMG pickups are from the 80's.
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I see no Turtle Stamp, so I didn't think it could be a Warmoth. But then i stumbled on a neck on Reverb that is listed as an 80's Warmoth, that also has no stamp and the construction is very similar to mine. Especially the heel. The trussrod hole looks the same and there is a 'centerline' scribed into the wood above/below the truss opening.
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No stamping on the body either, but is a little narrower than my Fender Strats at about 8-5/8 at the waist, and I've read on here that the early Warmoth's were a little narrower too? But a trussrod access cut above the neck pickup rout? Did Warmoth do that? Oddly it is a little wider than the wiring channel below the routs.
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Another thing worth mentioning is the rosewood comes pretty high above the nut and rides along the curve of the tuners.
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I can't make out any of the writing except what is on the heel above the truss nut. (In the photo above.) "N 101 RN FR" Is that Warmoth code?
Mysterious Writing
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Some of the writing appears to have transferred from pocket to heel.
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I still have doubts it is a Warmoth with no turtle, but I know some of you have been doing this since the paper catalog days, so am hoping you can shed some light on this mystery!


Nice guitar.  Not a warmoth though.  But - if the price was good and it works well, who cares?
Mayfly said:

Nice guitar.  Not a warmoth though.  But - if the price was good and it works well, who cares?

Thanks for the reply! I indeed had my doubts, the guitar is very nice and looks so well done I am just curious who made it. So in hunting, the neck on Reverb listed as a early Warmoth had me wondering, cause it seems very close to this one with the way the truss adjuster is done and the little line scored into the wood above it. Is that neck a Warmoth to your eyes? (Same seller has a body with no stamp listed too.) Is it the lack of the turtle stamp that disqualifies, or are there other things about the construction that throw it off to your eyes? I read on here that in the early 80's there were a lot of variations in construction before the CNC programing got dialed in.

Again not that it matters in the end, I just enjoy learning about guitars, and most of what I know is about 70's and 80's Japanese guitars. Little things like how the neck screw holes look on a Tokai made guitar vs any other manufacturer.
In case anyone stumbles on one of these and has the same question as to who made it, it appears this was made by the LaSiDo company in Canada (Who have a relation to Godin. If you look it up, the way they write on the heel will confirm it. I think most known for their Charvel/Kramer style replacement necks.