Goodwill '58 Les Paul


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So I've been watching this guy. He found a '58 Les Paul at the Goodwill online store. Bought it, and had it brought back to playable state. A pretty amazing story all the way around. This isn't the first or last video in the series.



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This looks suspiciously like a young Max  :icon_scratch:

Seriously though, this is so cool. The title sounds so much like clickbait I never would have checked it out!


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I've been following this project for a while now.

That guitar would have been firewood to many other people, but Matthew went in with eyes open & the preparedness for the worst to be revealed about the guitar and took his chances. It's had some serious issues to address before it would be considered playable for a pro.

I'm pleased he's got it back into playing shape and the repairs look great for what the instrument is. I'm also pleased he's taking time off camera to play it over a few weeks before doing a playing review video. We will see a proper review of it, as he has said the guitar left him in poor shape and he wants to see how much it has improved from the work.