gibson sg-3 wiring?


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wondering if anyone has seen the inside of one of these new gibson sg-3's. they have a 6 way rotary switch that gets you all positions except middle pu by itself. Anybody know if this is a standard 6 pos rotary or some circuit board thing gibson made? How is it wired up?

Probably a 4p6t rotary, as you can get from Mouser for under $3.00

That switch will "fit" in the thin SG cavity "just barely", if you bend its legs down... but they might have modded the cavities to make it easier - I know the switch fits in the L6s, and thats thinner than the SG by 1/8 inch.
My understanding is that the Gibson rotary scheme realizes the following:
Bridge + Middle
Middle + Neck
Neck + Bridge.

Since only one or two pickups are on at a time, only a 2P6T rotary switch is needed.,_pickups/Components:_Switches_and_knobs/Rotary_Switches.html
3511 will work if the thread is deep enough.

The one ya want is 105-SR2511F-26RN 
Price $2.20 if ya buy only one. or $1.35 if you buy 1000

That is THE SAME switch StewMac sells for over $10.00

While you're at Mouser, you can get your caps too.  Switchgraft Jacks and Plugs.  They don't carry what we'd want in guitars for pots (last time I checked at least).  They do have a good selection of chicken head knobs if ya like.  They have a $25 minimum order - or they charge you with a service charge.  And, they ship FAST (and faster and you'd have it before you ordered it!).
WOW they dropped it!  They used to charge a fee for under $25.  Glad to see its gone.