General Warmoth Question


How much work do finished bodies and necks need when you get them? I know you need to deepen the nut slots. Do you need to file the frets, drill wiring holes, etc?
Frets are OK out of the box, about what you'd expect on any new guitar. All requisite wiring routes are pre-drilled per your order or what is specified on a Showcase body.

Things that AREN'T pre-drilled:

Pilot holes, if necessary, for tuners
Pilot holes for pickguard, if used/applicable
Pilot holes for strap buttons
Pilot holes for any type of jackplate, either top or side mount
Pilot holes for tremolo cover, if used/applicable
pilot holes for tuners are indeed drilled. pilot holes for the screws used to attach the tuners are not drilled. I believe this is what you meant to say

who says that you automatically need to deepen the nut slots? this cannot be determined until you are actually performing the set-up work, and will also be dictated by player preference

file the frets, or level the frets - two entirely different things. on all of the Warmoth necks I have used, I have never needed to file the fret tangs on the side of the neck.

all the best,

If you get a neck from warmoth with a nut, I wouldn't screw with the string slots, your gonna screw it up, cuz it should already be set.