General Questions


I've been considering building a Warmoth guitar but had a couple of general questions hoping people can answer:

1) Generally, what is the timing on getting a custom body and neck done? I'm not thinking of anything terribly elaborate but would like both custom built (Mahog VIP body/Maple top, Wenge Neck/Ebony Finger board, both neck & body finshed and with bindings).
2) I did see a body in the Showcase I really like but it has a Wilkinson Trem and I'd like an OFR trem. I know they have to complete the bodies by drilling holes for knobs and jack. Can a body with a Wilk trem just be re routed for a OFR trem?

my LP body and neck took around 8 weeks. I was quoted 8 to 10 weeks...

not sure about the other question
Delivery times can vary depending on how busy Warmoth is but they tend to give accurate (perhaps slightly conservative) estimates when you place an order. From what I understand Fall/Winter (christmas time) is their busiest season so now is probably a good time to order.
Question Nº2:
No, the distance between the inserts of the Wilkinson is 2,2" and on Floyd is 2,9375"

So I supose they would not re-drill it, as far as you tell them you doesn't mind in having a third hole in the body, laying somewhere lost  :laughing7: