Fun with fat necks


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I visited a local guitar shop that has a Kramer DMZ1000 aluminium neck guitar for sale, just to try it out, see if it was any good...
I am deeply impressed by it and might have to buy it!
The neck is good and wide, the fretboard is very flat, possibly classical style dead flat. Everything I like.

Talking to the nice man in the shop he brought out an old Strat to which he had fitted the neck from a Custom shop 1950s Strat re-issue. His mates guitar, he hated the neck, he loved the neck, they swapped parts.
It must be the old 'Fatback' neck profile, I was surprised to discover I like that very much too!

The bloke is a bass player like me, short fat fingers.
Wide necks let me play barre chords etc without tangling my fingers. Narrow necks mean I play open-tuning.
So thick. Feels soo good in your hands.


Ganked the photo from this site. Do not read while drinking coffee. It WILL shoot out of your nose.