fully tightened truss rod


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I like dead straight necks with no relief. And Warmoth necks are good enough that I can do that. But I own a one piece Vintage/modern maple neck that in order to get straight I have the truss rod so turned that it won't turn anymore. I'm happy with the straightness but is it a problem that the truss rod is at full crank? Would it be better to back off an eighth of a turn to take some stress off the truss rod? Will the truss rod being fully cranked damage the neck over time? thanks
What i've done is loosen the truss rod by a turn and a half, and then put the neck between two blocks, and then put a weight hanging off the middle, bending the neck in the direction I want it bent.  Let it sit in the basement for a two weeks.  Mine fixed itself.

lol i don't think either of the responders above me actually read the OG (short for original) post to get to the actual question. my dude isnt looking to add relief, guys

Anyway, imo nah, it's not a problem. its just a bunch of metal and wood. If the neck has the relief u want and it's hanging tough, rock out bro
Thanks Broccoliob. Yes the neck is dead straight just the way I like it. If this were not a one piece neck, with just the single rod, I would be worried. It's a nice neck and I wouldn't want to see it damaged.
Maybe step down one gauge of strings for a while? If you are in Hawaii, I would make sure you have a few good coats of poly on that neck.
I wish I were still in Hawaii. Back on the mainland. Neck has nitro on it from Warmoth plus a boatneck profile so it is nice and thick. It should be fine unless I do something that hurts it which is why I was asking about the truss rod. Thanks
What gauge strings are you using that won't allow the neck to adjust straight without maxing out the truss rod??
Just 9's. I was surprised that I was at the end of the truss rod because I didn't get there in one turn but turned the truss rod over a number of days and there was no difficulty in making the turns, that is there was no rust or problems in turning it it was smooth and easy. But again it is the vintage/modern  single rod type neck so I suspected that eventually I would get to the end of the rod.
My suggestion is the opposite.  It's a prescription to reduce relief on a fully cranked truss rod.