Freeway 5b5-02, inners outers LP's Strat set wiring questions

Archie Macfarlane

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Hi there, I was wondering if this was possible with the freeway 5b5-02 for a hsh setup

First 5 positions are the bridge split bm m mn and neck split as normal with the 5b5-02

6-10 are bridge humbucker inner coils both humbuckers outer coils neck humbucker and I'm not too fussed on the order of which position inners or outers are

So if you think about it you have your Les Paul tones, Strat tones, tele tones and fake Strat/PRS/charvel in between sounds which have been very popular recently (and also work great in a fret guitar)

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Take a look at the freeway website they have diagrams. If you don’t see what your looking for write to them. I have the freeway toggle ... set to neck, neck and bridge, bridge, inner coils, outer coils and single coil neck for a jazzy lead sound. Then I have the six way blade with, neck, neck and bridge, bridge, neck and bridge series, neck and bridge series out of phase, parallel out of phase. Love the freeway switch.