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This is long overdue , paint problems early on due to my impatience cost me a month.


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As soon as I saw your avatar I came looking for this thread hahah. Great job Alfang.  :party07:
It's a 1985, I have been looking for a 71 for months, everytime I go to someones house it's like this  " hey, I know this is gonna sound weird, but, do you got a change jar arround here?  I'll give you 50 cents for a 1971 quarter,  'll give you a buck for one, $5.00?" They always look for me too. I've gotten as close as 73, which was a good year for me.

I have some great pics here of eddies Frankie,  mine will get a 71 quarter someday, i don't think i will put truck reflectors on the back, nor will I try to authenticate cigarette burns or any more wear marks.

The guitar plays and sounds Great, And for the Most part, up close looks like Eddies, The front pickup actually works on this guitar by way of puch pull pot,
It's not as good as I'd have hoped for finnish wise, But it was driving me nuts, I had to call it Done! so I can  get started on the 5150, The 5150 is gonna be my best effort, now that I've painted 2 guitars and know what to do and not to do.

Thanks for te compliments.
You gonna love owning a 5150 mate,   are you going for the original relic or a glossy new one?

heres the last couple I did........Focus 2000 to 5150 in a couple of weeks.



Ok, A blunt it is.......................

Bear, That blue guitar is now the 5150?  How did you fill in the neck pup? and controll holes?

Looks awesome - No relics here, all gloss

When I get ready, I may ask you for a back pic for taping   
and whered you get the space tape and star?

I've considered getting one of those books from on doing your own 5150, but I ended up getting the one on how to build your own guitar wall hangers for under $1.00.