Fitting Humbucker rings


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I hated this job, it was a pain in the arse 'til I had a rush of shit to the brain. Cut a piece of wall plug, split the side so you can get it off and push the spring down and hold it tight with pliers. You can then turn the mounting bolt without damaging the thread and without growing an extra arm. Forgive me if this is obvious but I just had to share my joy at solving a problem that used to drive me nuts. :blob7:


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Great idea, but six days late for me. I drove myself insane last week doing the same thing. Piddliest, fussiest job I've ever done on a guitar.
Y'all can't just push down the spring over the screw to start it? How do you have the hand strength to bend a string when playing?
Arthritis in my right hand, mostly my thumb. Hopefully you'll never experience it.
i might get it in my right knee, on account of the tear and the dislocation. the doc said it might occur down the line, but im not to worried.
both my mom and dad have it and my mom just got a full knee replacement (shes old) and the doc said it was one of the worst knees he's ever encountered.

any way there is a cure, (dads on it) is not f.d.a. approved, its a "food supliment"  i think ist glycosamine condroytant. pardon the spelling. he says it work.
i've also heard sulfur tablets help keep the joints healthy.
Personally, I find that taking an Ambien w/ a glass of Knob Creek on ice helps my aches and pains.  :rock-on:


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